American artist Nicole Kueck is best known for her exquisite abstract expressions of her intense emotions. Her artwork is created by organic, psychedelic shapes and a brilliant, multidimensional palette. She is currently living in NYC, after graduating from Parsons the New School with her BFA in Fashion Design. Her works are on exhibit around New York City, most recently featured at Van Der Plas gallery in the Lower East Side. Nicole’s meditative paintings are visual representations of her unbound spirit witnessing the unified human experience.



my paintings from the past five years have inspired my mind to experience a heightened awareness of emotions. By encouraging myself to become more attuned to my unseen internal world, I have begun to explore the mysterious inner landscapes. Our time spent on our Earth is a fraction of the timeline of the planet, which makes each interaction, each moment, and each breath, incredibly special.

I use many colors and varied brushstrokes to represent how valuable each human is as an individual.  Some colors melt into each other, our boundaries becoming thinner as we can start to see all of the ways we are connected. My paintings take on their own form and as I work through the feelings and emotions I experience within the action of painting, I observe the larger shapes, how we all work together to make this world function. A common thread throughout my work is contrast, light and dark, how these two opposites create dramatic opposition and how the absence of one creates the other.

My work is intended ignite a conversation, what one perceives and how that relates to the one standing next to them. What you see in my paintings is about how the feelings that arise relate to your individual experience. I love listening to other's perceptions of my work, as we each have such unique visions. Each interpretation teaches me more about being human.

I encourage you to stay with my art: observe, inhale, and see if any emotions or sensations arise. Listen to your thoughts and notice if you are provoked to curiosity. Allow your mind to wander to a different space, a new place, somewhere that we all can see how connected we are inherently.